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VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_0802DS_JP_small.jpgJFK-BRU over the North Atlantic FL410
VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_BRU_0802A_8_JP_small.jpgDeparted Brussels bound for JFK, now at 15,000 feet and climbing
VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_0802CF_JP_small1.jpgFlyiing jumpseat JFK-BRU crossing the Atlantic as the sun begins to rise. To the left, outside the windscreen is the remains of contrail by American 777-200
VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_0802AB_JP_smallUPLOADED.jpg#2 on taxiway Papa in this beautiful A330-200 as we prepare to depart for Brussels BRU
VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_0802CQ_JP_small2.jpg41,000 feet above the Atlantic in the cockpit of Airbus A330-200 flying New York JFK to Brussels BRU
VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_0802BP_JP_small.jpgOver the North Atlantic at flight level 410 as the sun begins to rise . You can see the contrails from other heavies crossing the Atlantic in front of us
a330cockpit11_JP_smallx.jpgFlying over the North Atlantic as the sun begins to slowly approach the horizon line
VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_0802_JP_small.jpgMy two most memorable dinners are my birthday & anniversary dinner with my wife at Windows Of The World (restaurant on top floor of the World Trade Center) June 2001, and dinner with these guys at 41,000 feet over the Atlantic 14 months later....
a330cockpit18_JP_small.jpgFlying high at 41,000 feet. Absolutely splendid time sitting jumpseat with these two awesome pilots from New York to Brussels. Note the contrail in the captain's window- that is the same American 777 that was ahead of us on takeoff que at JFK, also crossing the Atlantic. You can see the American 777 ahead of us in the que if you click on the VGAIR hyperlink in Keywords below..
VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_JFK_0802_JP_small.jpgIn line on taxiway Papa behind a Delta 767 and American 777 (many airplanes behind us in line) before turning left on Papa Echo and position and hold on rwy 13R for departure to Brussels. Of all the first class flights I've flown over the years, sitting in this jumpseat was better than all of 'em.. That American 777 was in front of us pretty much all the way across the Atlantic..
VGAIR_A330-200_OO-SFQ_INTLASPACE_0802_JP__.jpgThis is a 1000 ASA photo and it is not 100% sharp (it looks more sharp than it actually is because it is shown 1000 wide, rather than the original 3072 wide), but worthy of sharing nontheless. I am sitting in the cockpit of this beautiful A330-200 as we are cruising over the Atlantic at 41,000 feet (as seen on the display in the middle of the screen). While it's not quite this dark in the cockpit, it is pretty dark on a non-moonlit sky such as this. An amazing experience indeed, I'll never forget it!
vgair330OO-SFQ802.jpgView in the cockpit of A330-200 at Flight level 410 (41,000 feet), having recently departed JFK's runway 13R, routing JFK-BRU. Leaving the USA in the evening and watching the sun set behind you is easy on the eyes, however, when the sun comes up again somewhere over the Atlantic it starts to get pretty uncomfortable in the cockpit, sun visors are a must.
a330cockpit21.jpgWhat a magical time for an aviation aficionado. Sitting jumpseat with two great guys (both ex-Sabena), watching the sun rise from the East (before blinding us as the flight crews crossing the pond regularly know all too well!), as we cross the Atlantic at flight level 410.
cockpitjfkjp5.jpgCommencing takeoff on runway 13R on our way to BRU after sitting in the que at JFK behind about 20 airplanes which is quite typical for an August early evening
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