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PANAM_747-100_N902PA_1090_JP_small.jpgEKTACHROME 100 FLIDE
PANAM_737-400_N406KW_0698_JP_small.jpgKODACHROME 64 SLIDE
PANAM_727-200_N727VA_0298_1__JP_small.jpgKODACHROME 64 SLIDE
DELTA_747-400_N671US_LASTT3DEP_0513BC_MAIN_MAIN_small1.jpgMay 23, 2013: Having served Pan Am and Delta dutifully for 53 years, this was the last departure ever out of terminal 3, Delta 747-400 to Tel Aviv
WORLDPORT_JFK_1290_JP__TAKE1_small.jpgPhotographed from the old tower

Kodachrome 64 slide
PANAM_A300_N202PA_JFK_1291_JP_MAIN_small.jpgClipper America. Note the new tower under construction and Air France, Sabena and Pakistan 747-200's parked at the IAB

Kodachrome 64 slide
WORLDPORT-DAYAFTERCLOSE_JFK_0513_JP_small.jpgThe last time I would see the Worldport before the wrecking ball came to take it down. So much rich history in that beautiful structure....
PANAM_747-100_N733PA_JFK_0991_JP_small.jpgI was only 18 years old back then but I knew this would be a gem several decades later.... Pan Am 747-100 "Clipper Pride of the Sea" coming into the Worldport, September 1991

Kodachrome 64 slide
PANAMWORLDPORT_JFK_0792_JP_small.jpgI am an aviation history buff, especially JFK history. I took this photo July 1992 and you can see the transition from Pan Am to Delta with the signage changeover. This was a slide that I had to do significant work to in order to get it looking like this (lots of dust and tough to process)

Kodachrome 64 slide
PANAM_A300_N862PA_MIA_0197_MAIN_JP_small.jpgKodachrome 64 slide
AEROPOSTA_747-100_N747PA_MIA_0193_JP_small.jpgThis is a very special photo for me. Taken during my first ever trip to Miami (January 1993), and uploaded 20 years later (January 2013), this beautiful Aeroposta 747, named "Juan Trippe" (he founded Pan am in 1927) and registered N747PA flares to land on runway 9R. This 747, the second ever built, was operated by Pan Am from 1970 until Pan Am's unfortunate demise in 1991

Kodachrome 64 slide
JFKTOWERS_JFK_0391_JP_small.jpgPhotographed from the steps of the Pan Am Worldport (there is a Pan Am flag in the middle) looking East are the old tower and new tower under construction

Kodachrome 64 Slide
PANAM_747-100_N832PA_JFK_0690_JP_small.jpgOne of my very early slide photos, developed in the bathroom at home. Photo taken from the Pan Am Worldport parking deck roof back when you were able to go up there any time (those days are way over).

Ektachrome 100 Slide Film
DELTA_WORLDPORT_JFK_0811_JP.jpgSoon to be an historical photo, the original Pan Am Worldport shown here was built in 1960. By 2012/13, the structure, along with the adjoining concourse will unfortunately be knocked down to create ramp space as Delta shifts most ops to Terminal 4
pa734n406kwfeb98jfk.jpgOperated by Carnival Airlines, the original Pan Am never operated 737-400's
n609kwdec97sju.jpgWhile not the "real" Pan Am, still nice to see this Pan Am 727 operated by Carnival Airlines

Kodachrome 64 slide
n4703u.jpgPhotographed towards the end of what was one of the greatest airlines in the world for many years. Dedicated to all the former Pan Am employees!

Kodachrome 64 slide
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