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4R_jfk_0703.jpgILS (instrument landing system) Runway 4R (not in service when photo was taken) is typically used in poor weather conditions at JFK, it is CATIII (precision instrument approach), which is the highest category for a runway and means that aircraft that are equipped with the proper equipment can land in zero/zero visibility. If you have any other information to add, please do so in the comment section of this photo
emassJFK22L.jpgAnother photo most people don't get to see and appreciate what is in the photo. This is EMAS (Engineered materials arrestor system) at the end of runway 22L (there is another one at the other end of 22L which is same runway 4R). EMAS is supposed to slow down and eventually stop an airplane that cannot stop under it's own power. EMAS has already saved 3 airplanes that I'm aware of at JFK; an American Eagle Saab340, a Polar Air 747F and I think it was a Gemini MD11F
HOLDSHORTBAR-LIGHTS-RWY_LAX_0208B.jpgThis photo is part of an extensive collection of airport signage and navaids that i'll be sharing with you. The double solid double broken lines you see are runway hold short bars. Pilots taxiing know that when they approach these lines, they are about to enter a runway. If it is an active runway (meaning currently in use), the pilot had better get ATC clearance to enter that runway or risk runway incursion which unfortunately does happen numerous times every year at many airports. Seen here is runway 25R on the south side of LAX and Delta Connection EMB145 on takeoff roll
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