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AMERICAN_MID80_N234AA_0510_57_JP_small.jpgAmerican MD80 dropped by the crane on Le Jeune Road just west of Miami International Airport before being tugged over to George T. Baker Aviation school across the street
aamove6LARGE_small2.jpgI had the crane operator stop the crane drop at this point in order to get one final shot in the air and it had to be timed just right so the fuselage was under the traffic signal pole
IMG_7458_JP_small.jpgAnother photo from the move across the street to George T. Baker for this American MD80
AMERICAN_MD80_N234AA_MIA_0510C_JP_small.jpgMiami Dade County's finest pose in front of the donated American MD80 that is parked in the middle of LeJeune Road before the transition over to the school across the street
AMERICAN_MD80_N234AA_MIA_0510_JP.jpgReally neat angle, too bad the MD80 was being lifted during this time exposure so it's blurry (while the rest of the photo is sharp as anything moving will be blurred)
aamove1.jpgA lot of preparation work in addition to lots of volunteer time was put into making the move across the street a reality. American Airlines, Dade County, Odebrecht Construction, T.Y. Lin Engineering all collaborated on a class-A job. The students of George T. Baker Aviation school are the very fortunate recepients of this 6 million dollar MD80 jet that will hopefully inspire students to make aviation a career!
aamove2.jpgThe American flag is proudly hung as preparations are underway for the move across the street. Note the specially made ramp custom-built for this move
aamove3.jpgFinal preparations are made just shy of 1AM as the move is about to get underway
aamove4.jpgThe initial move from the airport to the intersection at LeJeune Road commences!
aamove5.jpgThe crane took the MD80 on a left turn from the airport perimeter, over the palm trees as seen here and finally set it down in the middle of the intersection
aamove6.jpgI had the crane operator stop the crane drop at this point in order to get one final shot in the air and it had to be timed just right so the fuselage was under the traffic signal pole
aamove7.jpgSet down on LeJeune Road, I asked the crew to clear out of the way for a clean shot of the airplane and its surrounding environment...
aamove8.jpgAIRPORT PARKING FREE SHUTTLE 24 HOURS -We can come up with many, many interesting comments for this one my friends... -You won't see a commercial airliner on a city street very often
aamove9.jpgPhotographed in the middle of LeJeune Road, the American flag is folded up nicely after being proudly displayed while the MD80 was craned across the street
aamove10.jpgTug is attached and ready to tow down the street before left turn into school
aamove11.jpgThis was probably the most challenging part of the MD80 move. The right main gear had to ride on the center median in order for the already shortened wings to clear both sides of the street. At this point, the MD80 would be tugged to the left to it's final resting place
aamove12.jpgSitting at its final resting place at the George T. Baker Aviation school, N234AA will serve as a wonderful tool for future aircraft mechanics for many years to come!
americanmd80N234AA_georgetbaker.jpgThis American MD80 sits and waits as the crane behind it is in position for the ultimate lift and move across LeJeune Road to the George T. Baker aviation school
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