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AIRFRANCE_CONCORDE_F-BVFB_JFK_1290_JP_TAKE2_JP_small.jpgPhoto of me taken December 1990 on F-BVFB, the same Concorde I would fly 17 years later from JFK to Detroit DTW (positioning ferry flight)

Kodachrome 64 slide
HOLIDAY_CARD_DEC_2013_FAMILY.jpgHere is my next card with my wife Jessica and kids Andrew & Alana who are all very supportive of my aviation photography and I love them very much!
DEC2013HOLIDAYCARD.jpgPresenting my 2013 year-end holiday card! I wish only the best for my aviation colleagues around the world!
AERLINGUS_MD11_N272WA_JFK_0698_JP_small.jpgWhen it comes to taking photos of airplanes, getting dirty was never and will never be an issue for me!

Kodachrome 64 slide
DELTA_737-900_ATL_1013_JP_small.jpgOne happy aviation enthusiast is standing in front of the recently delivered beautiful Delta 737-900, which is not yet in service (will enter service 5 days after this photo was taken)
TABCARGO_DC10F_CP-2555_MIA_0113E_JP_small.jpgProudly standing in front of this beautiful Bolivian DC10. I hope and pray that she continues to fly into Miami (this is the last DC10 operating into MIA, not counting the Fedex MD10's)
9C_dc7joejan2011~0.jpgStanding proudly in front of this beautiful DC7 before the 45 minute flight up and down the Florida coast (Miami Beach to Palm Beach)
IMG_1744_B_small.jpgStanding in front of the stunning Lamborghini Aventador (retails for $445K with 2 year waiting list), driven by Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann. In the background are the beautiful LAN 767s over at concourse J
CHINAAIRILNESCARGO_747-200F_JFK_1090_JP_small.jpgEven at 18, I was smitten with the "bug"

Ektachrome 100 slide
USAIRWAYS_A320_N101UW_CLT_1212B_JP_small.jpgI've been very fortunate to do a lot of neat stuff in my aviation photography career/hobby, but this experience, to be able to land and take off in the A320 simulator is definitely tops! I once again thank the wonderful folks at US Airways for their warm hospitality!
JOE_JFK_1290_JP_small.jpgI'm 40 years old (July 2012), but people I meet at the airport these days don't believe I've been photographing at JFK since 1986! Here I am at the old IAB (now Terminal 4), December 1990 with 3 beauties behind me, Air France Concorde, UTA (France) DC10 and Air Afrique DC10. Forgive my awful cargo attire from those days...
CRW_3782_JP.jpgSomething different- shooting the Farnair Europe F27 through the front of prop of another airplane (forgot the type, it was a twin)
continental737N14231FLL0109.jpgIf you look at the right window, you'll see my friend Jeff DeVore holding up a friendly sign. I snapped the photo just before his 737-800 pushed back from the gate in preparation for departure to Houston IAH
trashcollectorLAX.jpgPicking up FOD (foreign object debris) is everyone's job at the airport, I'm no exception. Everyone at every airport needs to help out to avoid FOD ending up in an airplane's engine
1994jpcolga.jpgThis photo was taken inside one of American Airlines' maintenance hangars in LaGuardia. The MD80 was brought in there for post-crash investigation and as is usually done after an accident, hide it from the passengers flying into and out of the airport. When I walked inside the airplane, about half way down the fuselage I felt a hump under my feet, that is where the fuselage buckled as the airplane ran off the end of the runway (I believe it was runway 31?), coming to rest on a dike. There were no fatalities luckily. For those that know me these days, obviously I don't wear my hair like that anymore haha
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