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9_dc7startup2.jpgInitial startup of number 4 engine underway as some smoke billows out..
8_dc7rwyentry9L.jpgTurning on to runway 9L for departure
7_dc7FLLrwy.jpgFlying up the coast at 500 feet, it's a bit hard to see but if you look closely, you can see one of FLL's runways directly to the left of the airplane
5_dc7insideduringflight.jpgView of the DC7's cabin in flight. As you can see, head room is not an issue. Note that the seats are not original (they were taken from a DC9), and when in service with Eastern, there were luggage racks (not bins, racks)
4_dc7flightmap.jpgThis nice route map is installed in the bulkhead of the cabin, it denotes the original routes the DC7 flew back in the late 50's and through the 60's
3a_dc7shadow.jpgLovely view from the DC7 as the flight heads south at 500 feet along the coastline. Note the DC7's shadow in the water below..
3_dc7cockpitinflight.jpgI didn't really have a chance to take quality cockpit photos so I snapped off this quick one. Note that the captain and co-pilot are a father and son duo. I am told that the number of pilots that can captain a DC7 these days numbers in the single digits. Most of them have unfortunately perished
1B_dc7southofsouthbeach.jpgThe turn south of Miami begins as the DC7's shadow is seen in the beautiful water below
1_dc7michel_bernard.jpgMy European friends Michel Klein (Luxembourg) and Bernard Bianconi (France) enjoy themselves on this wonderful flight
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