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asdexfull_display.jpgShown here is the full screen view of ASDE-X display at JFK. At the time runway 4L was used for departures and 4R for arrivals, most of which turn off and hold to cross 4L at taxiway Golf as they proceed to their gate. This is run of the mill stuff for ATC but for aviation enthusiasts and future ATC'ers to see what the fine folks at JFK tower look at as they do their job is really neat
ASDE-X_JFKTOWER_JFK_0209.jpgThis is what controllers see (this is a portion of the entire screen at JFK tower) on ASDE-X even if operating in zero/zero visibility. This is the newest technology for ATC. Every airplane on the field's transponder is being picked up by radar and reflected on the screen. If any airport vehicles breach a runway, they will be visible on this screen. Note that areas in red reflect closed taxiways (construction/repair). At the time this photo was taken JFK was operating on the 4's and there was light snow falling (RVR4000).
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