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AIRAFRIQUE_DC8_TU-TCP_0802J_JP_small.jpgFirst class section of Air Afrique DC8 used as a fire trainer at Zurich Kloten Airport in Switzerland
UNITEDEXPRESS_JE41_N317UE_MIA_1013_JP_small.jpgThis Jetstream 41 has found new life as a fire/emergency trainer at Miami Int'l
VIRGINAMERICA_A319_JFK_0811_JP.jpgPort Authority ARFF truck power washing this Virgin America A319
panynjARFF_JFK_0410.jpgPAPD's finest cruising on a rainy but bright afternoon day. Thank you to all PAPD ARFF personnel for the important work you do! -Note the beautiful Port Authority issued decal of the twin towers with the flag... love that!
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