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DHL_727_CLT_32005.jpgUnfortunately, DHL has ended all U.S. based operationsMar 15, 2009
ECUADOR-AIRFORCE_DHC6_UIO_1208C.jpgQuito, like Honolulu/Hickam Air Force base is a civilian and military airport. This beautiful DHC6 flies right by my hotel room balcony, what a treat!Mar 15, 2009
helveticf10hb-jvczrh206.jpgMar 15, 2009
awa757n902aw1204lax.jpgThank you America West for painting 902AW in this beautiful schemeMar 15, 2009
wtctowerair702jfk.jpgNot a pleasant photo but one that I want people to see. Shown on the former Tower Air ramp are vehicles that were damaged on 9/11. I was in Manhattan (at the time I worked for an investment firm in Midtown) on 9/11 and my friends at the PA and JFK-ATC were working that day, a day we'll never, ever forget. May the victims rest in peace and may their families be well.Mar 15, 2009
mexicanan368mxlaxfeb09.jpgSome people stongly dislike this color scheme, some people love it. I personally love it, especially compared to Mexicana's previous color scheme which was pretty boringMar 14, 2009
CHINA744LAXFEB09.jpgThe China 747 in this photo is not particularly sharp, however it is the background that is the highlight here. I know that I can stump many aviation enthusiasts with this photo if I ask them to guess the airport. Most would say somewhere in the Far East and of course that would be incorrectMar 14, 2009
aerosur757jan03n526na.jpgThis Aerosur 757 is pretty rare, I only shot it on this day and it only flew like this during the winter of 2008. It is owned by Ryan Air (not to be confused with Ryanair of the UK)Mar 14, 2009
varigmd11ppvtkjfk0105.jpgVarig MD11 rests on hardstand at terminal 4 after night flight from BrazilMar 14, 2009
virgin744cleaningmay05gvbig.jpgHere's another part of the airline business that doesn't really get too much attention; the work that goes into prepping a 747 passenger interior for its next long haul flight. Seen here, cabin cleaners work quickly to get the 747 ready to accept new pax for the night flight to London Heathrow.Mar 14, 2009
delta757n6715claxfeb09.jpgThis is the only Delta 757 that has the large decal featuring the Grammy Awards, shown here with tug pushing back to the gate as the 757 prepares to taxi out for its redeye flight to JFKMar 14, 2009
deltamd90n903dlfeb09.jpgMar 14, 2009
jet737vtjgenov07.jpgMar 14, 2009
IAI_ASTRA_SXM_305.jpgFlying to the Caribbean in a bizjet, not sure it gets much better than that..Mar 14, 2009
727maxton34612sep05.jpgWhile I visit numerous major airports, I don't visit many remote, off the beaten path airports. This obscure 727-100 has been rotting for years in this airfield located in Laurinburg North Carolina, about 2 hours from Charlotte, where some airliners come for scrapping. If you have any info on this airplane please share in the comments sectionMar 14, 2009
american777n777anlax1204.jpgMar 13, 2009
tyroleanf100oelfk802.jpgMar 13, 2009
usair757n622au106.jpgEarly morning departure to PhiladelphiaMar 13, 2009
cement_jfk_5_02.jpgIf you ever wondered just how thick the steel reinforced concrete is on a major international airport ramp, you can see it here with your own eyesMar 13, 2009
asdexfull_display.jpgShown here is the full screen view of ASDE-X display at JFK. At the time runway 4L was used for departures and 4R for arrivals, most of which turn off and hold to cross 4L at taxiway Golf as they proceed to their gate. This is run of the mill stuff for ATC but for aviation enthusiasts and future ATC'ers to see what the fine folks at JFK tower look at as they do their job is really neatMar 13, 2009
EVAAIR-CARGO_747-400F_B-16481_LAX_02_08C.jpgThe dirt in the foreground is not there anymore, that is now the center taxiway between runways 25L and 25RMar 13, 2009
awa757n914awjfk705.jpgAlways nice to be acknowledged by the flight crewMar 13, 2009
klm738phbxl802.jpg"The World Is Just A Click Away" promotional titlesMar 13, 2009
KOREAN-CARGO_747-400F_FRA_1107C.jpgFully loaded with cargo, KAL 747-400F pushes back for flight to SeolMar 12, 2009
oct90.jpgPretty amazing to see this airplane in New York. Lufthansa also brought in a 727-200 in 1990 which I'll upload a photo of sometime in the future

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Mar 12, 2009
avianca757eiceyuiodec08.jpgMar 12, 2009
hzaip.jpgNote the twin towers underneath the nose of the 747

Mar 12, 2009
EUROFLY_A330_I-EEZJ_JFK_07_05B.jpgMar 12, 2009
song757n67171dec03.jpgSong 757 powers out of LGA. Rikers Island is seen in backgroundMar 12, 2009
varigmd11ppvtj1204.jpgOverview of concourse B at terminal 4 in addition to taxiways Kilo and KiloKilo between terminal 4 and Delta's terminal 3. Mar 12, 2009
ual777laxjul04.jpgMar 12, 2009
corfuaug02brit762.jpgThis beautiful view is what you see from the Kanoni outdoor bar at Corfu. Britannia 767-300 is on final approach to runway 35. Corfu is one of the top airports in the world to visit for incredible airliner photosMar 11, 2009
SIMPLIFYDECCAN_A320_VT-ADW_BOM_11_07B.jpgSimplify Deccan is the low fare carrier of the combined Deccan and Kingfisher Airlines. You can't tell from the photo that I'm standing in a slum where folks live lives that make homeless shelters in the U.S. look like the Trump Plaza. Having said that, these people are also the nicest and kindest folks I've met in my extensive travels over the years.Mar 11, 2009
cameroon_govt_762_TJ-AAC.jpgMar 11, 2009
laguardia106.jpgSeen here is LaGuardia Airport and its proximity to Rikers Island prison, Shea Stadium, the USTA Tennis Center and the big globe on the bottom left which is where the World's Fair was held.Mar 11, 2009
ual320lax1204.jpgMar 11, 2009
elal777ewr4x-ecc705.jpgMar 11, 2009
vim757muc0306ra-73016.jpgTwo VIM (Russia) 757's receive maintenance in MUC.Mar 11, 2009
N610DLATLJP.jpgThis beautiful 757 is undergoing heavy maintenance. Note the rear rudder near the nose. This 757 is painted in breast cancer awareness colors and has since been repainted with a new breast cancer color scheme. Hopefully a cure can be found soon!Mar 11, 2009
ek3801stliflight.jpgFirst time A380 docks at gate A6 at Terminal 4. Emirates and Swissport employees perform first GPU hookup. Note the many airport employees who were present to view the first arrival of passenger flight A380 into JFK. Mar 11, 2009
lgalineup905.jpgEarly morning lineup for runway 31 departureMar 11, 2009
ewr802.jpgEWR scene back in 2002. The tower is now gone as is the building 10 complex shown to the left of the tower. Now it's all Continental ramp space. Northwest A320 is landing on runway 22L as LH340 and CO772 make their way for a 22R departureMar 11, 2009
se-rpy_amsaug02.jpgMar 10, 2009
laker727sept03fll.jpgMar 10, 2009
n832aw_las_feb07.jpgMar 10, 2009
evergreen747_jfk.jpgAt about 800 feet, the 747 begins to partially disappear into the fogMar 10, 2009
emirates330_a6-eag_nov06.jpg2 feet of snow on the ground!Mar 10, 2009
n301dl_aug2005.jpgMar 10, 2009
n57016_ewr_oct2002.jpgThis one goes out to Jeff Devore, chief dispatcher at CO in HoustonMar 10, 2009
TERMINAL4JFK_DEPARTURES20.jpgDepartures level of Terminal 4 JFK-IATMar 10, 2009
n329mx.jpgMAX was a regional carrier of the beloved Western Pacific Airways. I was very happy to be in Colorado Springs in 1997 to see the Westpacs come in and out of COS, that airline is sorely missed!

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Mar 09, 2009
UNITED-EXPRESS_CRJ_JFK_0209small.jpgMar 09, 2009
747-400_LAX_0209.jpgBritish Airways 747-400 just departed LAX runway 25R in late afternoon on its way to London HeathrowMar 04, 2009
ASDE-X_JFKTOWER_JFK_0209.jpgThis is what controllers see (this is a portion of the entire screen at JFK tower) on ASDE-X even if operating in zero/zero visibility. This is the newest technology for ATC. Every airplane on the field's transponder is being picked up by radar and reflected on the screen. If any airport vehicles breach a runway, they will be visible on this screen. Note that areas in red reflect closed taxiways (construction/repair). At the time this photo was taken JFK was operating on the 4's and there was light snow falling (RVR4000). Mar 04, 2009
dall1011.jpgDelta L1011 Tristar powers out of HNL's reef runway on its way back to LAX. For those that have flown Tristars, you probably miss them as much as I do! This photo is especially for my friend "Tristar" Bob Patterson

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Mar 03, 2009
CENTURIAN_MD11F_MIA_0109.jpgThis beautiful MD11 was previously operated and is still in the registration of Gemini Air Cargo which folded operations in 2008. Mar 02, 2009
ei-ltamuc0306.jpgFormer ATA 757 rests in the most snow Munich has seen in years and figures that's the weekend I'm there! There were actually a total of 4 ATA 757s parked side by side, all with titles removed and about to be prepped by LTU Maintenance for service with VIM Airlines of Russia.Mar 01, 2009
xajfe1007fll.jpgMar 01, 2009
hb-ihzzrhfeb06.jpgEdelweiss A320 and Belair 757 await their turn at the deicing pad in ZRHMar 01, 2009
oosbzcfu0802RICHARD.jpgMar 01, 2009
ual_sq_jplax.jpgTypical LAX scene, United 747-400 on final approach for 25L while Singapore 747-400 is not far behind, heading for the north side of the field's runway 24RFeb 28, 2009
ati730plmar01.jpgCREW ON BOARD SURVIVED. Actual takeoff weight was 342,000lbs. 242,000lbs was the takeoff weight calculated, this is the result. Flight routing was JFK-BRU. I arrived on the site a couple of hours after the crash and PAPD/FDNY were still putting out the smoldering cargo inside. Luckily 3 crewmembers and 2 pax survived. More photos of the site to come in the future. My friend Dave Kaufman actually witnessed this aborted takeoff from the control tower, perhaps he can add more in the comments section.

Feb 28, 2009
n609kwdec97sju.jpgWhile not the "real" Pan Am, still nice to see this Pan Am 727 operated by Carnival Airlines

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Feb 28, 2009
n93107mar97.jpgThis one goes out to my good friend Jon Proctor who gave TWA over 30 years of fine service in addition to all the other folks that served this wonderful airline! Long live TWA!

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Feb 28, 2009
aa757ewr9112005.jpgPhotographed at around the same time and exactly 4 years after the tragic events of 9/11/01. This is the gate in EWR which was used to board United flight 93 (757-200) which went down in Shanksville Pennsylvania. Note the flags are appropriately at half staff. God bless all the victims and familes of victims of 9/11Feb 28, 2009
n453upnov08.jpgFeb 28, 2009
jetphotosmd10fll.jpgFeb 28, 2009
jetphotosvarigmd11ppvtj.jpgStarting engines in Alaska winter type weatherFeb 28, 2009
eva16701feb08.jpgNice condensation in those beautiful GE90's as Eva Air 773 rotates out of runway 25R at LAXFeb 28, 2009
southwest737n474wnfeb08.jpgAs these pilots can tell you, when you land or take off at LAX in the evening hours, you will have your sunglasses on, the sun is in your faceFeb 27, 2009
atldeltamar06.jpgTypical afternoon in ATL, busy busy busyFeb 27, 2009
learjet45feb04.jpgFeb 27, 2009
AMERICAWEST_A319_N825AW_LAX_12_04.jpgFeb 27, 2009
AEROFLOT_767-300_BOM_1107B.jpgFeb 27, 2009
fbvfb_may99.jpgThis may seem like just another window shot but it's not. That window, while hard to tell from the photo is a tiny window in F-BVFB, Air France Concorde. With my friend Joe Wolf who worked for Northwest at the time, I flew F-BVFB from JFK to Detroit (yes, I said Detroit). What's really special about this particular shot however as our ATC and PA friends at JFK will tell you, a 4L Concorde departure is extremely rare. Typically the Concorde departures would utilize 31L/13R or 22R, primarily for noise abatement.

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Feb 27, 2009
dalex732_n310da_jfksmall.jpgFeb 27, 2009
USAIRWAYS_A319_N717UW_CLT_11_06Bsmall.jpgFeb 27, 2009
SWISS_A320_HB-IJS_ZRH_02_06small.jpgFeb 27, 2009
gbnlwlax0208.jpgFeb 27, 2009
CHAMPIONAIR_727_N681CA_LAS_02_07small.jpgAt the time, this was the last 727 passenger operator in the U.S. Sadly, Champion Air is no longer operating, and hence no more 727 pax operations in the U.S. anymore. Like many of you, I used to dismiss TWA, Pan Am, American, Delta and US Air 727s because they were so common. Not anymore...Feb 27, 2009
MRO_MIA_0407F.jpgPerforming maintenance at MIA's Western U cargo facilityFeb 27, 2009
EMERGENCY-LANDING_MIA_0407B.jpgThis photo goes out to MIA ARFF in addition to all ARFF units at all airports. Thanks for being on standby at all times. We appreciate you!Feb 27, 2009
LAGUARDIA_LGA_0307.jpgOverview of LaGuardia AirportFeb 27, 2009
AIRBUS_A380_JFK_0407P.jpgIf you want to see how the A380 looked from the outside while I was photographing it inside, take a look at the overhead monitorFeb 27, 2009
a330cockpit21.jpgWhat a magical time for an aviation aficionado. Sitting jumpseat with two great guys (both ex-Sabena), watching the sun rise from the East (before blinding us as the flight crews crossing the pond regularly know all too well!), as we cross the Atlantic at flight level 410.
Feb 27, 2009
fbvfaJP.jpgA very special photo in my collection. F-BVFF just arrived from Paris taxiing to Terminal 1, while F-BVFA taxiis out of Terminal 1 on its way to runway 31L for departure to Paris. Only one airport on Earth offered not only Concorde service but multiple Concorde service daily with two Air France's and two British Airways Concordes. I know that I speak for all my friends at JFK that we miss that airplane sorely!Feb 27, 2009
d-aigy1107.jpgFeb 27, 2009
dal309dljan06.jpgThis DAL guppy shot goes out to my good friends Jerry Stanick, Erik Bernhard, Norb Raith, Brian Gustafson and Dave Hartman. Combined they have put in over 120 years of service at Delta in ATL! Feb 27, 2009
dba737mar06.jpgAs some of my German friends would tell you "typical winter German weather"Feb 27, 2009
n672usdec02.jpg"City Of Asia" Photographed from the tip of the Cross Bay Boulevard bridge at the Southwest edge of JFK, most heavy 31L departures make this beautiful bank as they proceed with the "Canarsie climb" Feb 27, 2009
CAP_727_N898AA_FLL_02_04small.jpgWhile the city of Fort Lauderdale makes for a great backdrop, most airplanes are much higher at this point in the takeoff. 727's loaded with cargo go long making this shot possibleFeb 27, 2009
canadian320_sep97.jpgNo question that when Canadian was flying, the aviation scene in Canada was much more colorful...

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Feb 27, 2009
n517auclt1003.jpgFeb 27, 2009
gcivc0208laxjp.jpg12mm rotation shot on runway 25R. The sand is there because at the time the center taxiway (between 25L and 25R) was under construction, that entire area is all concrete nowFeb 26, 2009
ram744_cnrga2_bru_8_02small.jpgFeb 26, 2009
n225wnhoujp.jpgThanks to Joe Fernandez, this photo was taken from the historic old control tower at HobbyFeb 26, 2009
nov05crj777.jpgIn case you were wondering just how much bigger a 777 is than a CRJ, or your typical business jet..Feb 26, 2009
co733_n14655b_ewr.jpgFeb 26, 2009
aberlin738.jpgThere are some airports that offer incredible backgrounds, Corfu is certainly one of those airports...

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Feb 26, 2009
EMIRATES_A380_JFK_0209Bsmall.jpgEmirates A380 almost ready for pushback from gate A6 at Terminal 4 JFK-IAT for its nonstop flight to Dubai DXB. I cannot describe the brutal cold I felt when I took this shot, the temperature was in the single digits, but it was well worth it!Feb 26, 2009
777_JFK_0209small.jpgCathay Pacific 777-300 holding on taxiway Zulu, waiting for several landing aircraft on runway 31LFeb 26, 2009
airchina_porschesfo.jpgI've spent time on many airport ramps all over the word and have seen a lot over the years, but this is definitely one of the highlights. I'm told this is the station manager's ramp car. I think the speed limit on the ramp at SFO is 20 MPH
Feb 26, 2009
UNITED_747-400_SFO_0209small.jpgUnited 747-400 lifts off from runway 1R. Photographed from the viewing park at SFOFeb 26, 2009
AIRCHINA_747-400_SFO_0209small.jpgAir China 747-400 flies directly over SFO as it begins final preparations for landing Feb 26, 2009
LUFTHANSA_747-400_SFO_0209small.jpgPowerful rotation on the way back to FrankfurtFeb 26, 2009
FLIGHT-BOARD_FRANKFURT_FRA_1108.jpgTerminal 1 flight board, FrankfurtFeb 26, 2009
nwac10tails.jpgLike the KLM tail lineups, here is another very common morning sight in AMS SchipolFeb 26, 2009
oeluejp.jpgGood looking color scheme on this A320Feb 26, 2009
ppvoq.jpgAnother classy color scheme that is sorely missed!

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Feb 26, 2009
QUITO-APPROACH-UIO_1208.jpgThis photo was taken from my hotel room balcony. Martinair Cargo MD11 performs final approach into UIO. As you can see, Quito is pretty tightly packed, lots of real estate, lots of cars, lots of people. Very unique place.Feb 26, 2009
taca737s.jpgBack when TACA Group had an awesome color scheme!

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Feb 26, 2009
TERMINAL4JFK_DEPARTURES7.jpgTerminal 4 JFK-IAT departure lane 5. Since this photo was taken T4 has upgraded to flat screens at all departure lanes.Feb 26, 2009
wnmdwayappch.jpgMidway is a very unique airportFeb 26, 2009
ncetwrjp.jpgFeb 26, 2009
SOUTHWEST_737_LAS_1208i.jpgA killer whale flying past a Phoenix? -Only in Vegas!Feb 26, 2009
yv823c.jpgAhh, the days of passenger 727's at U.S. airports, those were the days...Feb 26, 2009
UNITED_747-400_SFO_0209.jpgFeb 26, 2009
phmcr.jpgMartinair Cargo typically operates a couple of MD11F's daily into MIA and when they depart for AMS they always go pretty long!Feb 26, 2009
CONCOURSE_J-TOWER_MIA_1008B.jpgConcourse J Tower. Beautiful view!Feb 26, 2009
hl5214_0802.jpgHere's one that I certainly did not know about when I first spotted it. A Korean registered Jetstream 31 with Arabic writing? Taxiing around Zurich Kloten airport with an open cowling? -Strange indeed. It was probably in for maintenance at ZRHFeb 26, 2009
AERO_CALIFORNIA_DC9_LAX.jpgNote the registration, N840AT. This is a former AirTran airplane which I believe was retired by AirTran in July, 2003.Feb 26, 2009
alaska737miajp~0.jpgAlaska 737-700 (SEA-MIA) flares to land on runway 30Feb 26, 2009
DUALLOADINGBRIDGESHIREZ4.jpgThis is the first passenger A380 flight to come to JFK, seen here docked at JFK-IAT's Terminal 4 gate A6. Feb 26, 2009
aeroflot_763_vp-baz_lax.jpgNote Donald Trump's 727-100 in the backgroundFeb 26, 2009
AI_ETIHAD_JFK_0908B.jpgTypical morning scene at Terminal 4 JFK-IAT B-Concourse. The Air Indias arrived from Mumbai and Delhi, the Etihad from Bahrain and the Virgin America was a redeye from Las VegasFeb 26, 2009
LAN_A319_UIO_1208C.jpgFeb 26, 2009
AEROGAL_727-200_UIO_1208.jpgFeb 26, 2009
1994jpcolga.jpgThis photo was taken inside one of American Airlines' maintenance hangars in LaGuardia. The MD80 was brought in there for post-crash investigation and as is usually done after an accident, hide it from the passengers flying into and out of the airport. When I walked inside the airplane, about half way down the fuselage I felt a hump under my feet, that is where the fuselage buckled as the airplane ran off the end of the runway (I believe it was runway 31?), coming to rest on a dike. There were no fatalities luckily. For those that know me these days, obviously I don't wear my hair like that anymore hahaFeb 26, 2009
aa757maint.jpgAmerican 757-200 undergoing maintenance at the old National hangarFeb 25, 2009
easyjet73nce.jpgFeb 25, 2009
AIRFRANCE_A330_JFK_0908.jpgFeb 25, 2009
757_CABIN_1208B.jpgPhotographed as we taxiied to the gate at ATL (flew in from LAS)Feb 25, 2009
xartk.jpgRelatively short-lived carrier from Mexico that used to come into JFK with MD80's and A300's

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Feb 25, 2009
MRO_MIA_1008F.jpgStripping an airplane for repaint is certainly not a small undertakingFeb 25, 2009
n4703u.jpgPhotographed towards the end of what was one of the greatest airlines in the world for many years. Dedicated to all the former Pan Am employees!

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Feb 25, 2009
n961tw.jpgFeb 25, 2009
ual732.jpgKodachrome 64 slideFeb 25, 2009
t40209jp.jpgPIA 777-200LR rests at gate 24 at Concourse B, Terminal 4 on a brutally cold and clear evening (temps in single digits)Feb 25, 2009
ata_738_n308tz3.jpgATA is already sorely missed! Regards to all former ATA employeesFeb 25, 2009
cockpitjfkjp5.jpgCommencing takeoff on runway 13R on our way to BRU after sitting in the que at JFK behind about 20 airplanes which is quite typical for an August early eveningFeb 25, 2009
co10hnl.jpgRotating back to the mainland from HNL's reef runwayFeb 25, 2009
phbfr.jpgClassic Amsterdam shotFeb 25, 2009
n160us.jpgNorthwest DC10 and Saab340 pass by the control tower at MSP.

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Feb 25, 2009
FLIGHTBOARD_FRANKFURT_FRA2_305.jpgFlight board at Terminal 1, FRAFeb 25, 2009
737-800_MIA_1008.jpgFeb 25, 2009
DELTA320JP.jpgFeb 25, 2009
HEADHOUSENIGHT1.jpgFew would argue that Terminal 4 at JFK is one the most beautiful terminals in the worldFeb 25, 2009
klm744laxjp.jpgKLM 747-400 begins its initial climbout from runway 24R at LAX. Feb 25, 2009
MROcover_virgin744b.jpgVirgin Atlantic mechanic performing repair/maintenance on 747-400Feb 25, 2009
lanchile763.jpgIf I recall correctly, the temperature was in the low teens.Feb 25, 2009
CHINASOUTHERN_777-200_LAX_0209small.jpgFeb 18, 2009
uw319las.jpgSully must have been at the helm, not just because the main gear is resting on the Luxor but read what it says on the Luxor. Dedicated to the flight crew, pax and ATC involved in the incredible water landing on the Hudson. Feb 18, 2009
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