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af777sept04F-GSPF.jpgAug 07, 2009
jal_747-400_JA8075_LAX_12_04D.jpgAug 06, 2009
tameexpressemb110HC-CDM1208uio.jpgAug 06, 2009
british777G-VIIC_iah1206.jpgAug 06, 2009
swiss320_hbijk_zrh_8_02.jpgAug 06, 2009
af777F-GSPPlax0208.jpgJul 30, 2009
co737sEWR0503.jpgLooks like these 737s are headed for Toys R Us, but they are taxiing for takeoff on rwy 4LJul 30, 2009
usair757may05N613AU.jpgJul 30, 2009
ba744jan04jfk.jpgCloseup of rear right door of BA 747-400 with additional Dreamflight sticker for Dreamflight promotion (I think it's a charity promotion but not 100% sure)Jul 30, 2009
lte752EC-HQVcfu0802.jpgAnother photo taken from my hotel room balcony. I really need to go back there...Jul 28, 2009
naa757N753NAjfk1203.jpgJul 28, 2009
bmi_A320_G-MIDS_AMS_08_02.jpgJul 28, 2009
airtrandc9_n821at_hou_602.jpgJul 28, 2009
sam727UIODEC08.jpgFor my 500th photo I uploaded this special early morning Quito shot featuring an LAS Colombia 727 and the absolutely incredible jewel of Quito, the famous Cotopaxi volcano, which is over 19,000 feet high, seen here on this very clear winter morning. Note the incredible landscape on the bottom of the photo.
Jul 27, 2009
swissmd11JAN03MIAhb-iwq.jpgHB-IWQ climbs out of MIA's runway 27R sporting the hybrid old/new color schemeJul 27, 2009
mytravel752N304Hmaxton1106MXE.jpgThis former MyTravel 757-200 is quickly parted out at Maxton which is about a 2 hour drive from Charlotte, North Carolina. Shame to see a beautiful airplane in this sad state...Jul 27, 2009
pia743APBFX_jfk_9_02.jpgEx-Cathay Pacific 747-300 turning from taxiway Hotel to Concourse B gate 27 at JFK-IATJul 27, 2009
martinairmd11FEB08MIA_PH-MCY_PH-MCP.jpgBoth Martinair Cargo MD11F's are pushed back for departure on rwy 9R at around the same timeJul 26, 2009
dal772JFKn860da0107.jpgJul 26, 2009
kal744HL7498laxFeb09.jpgJul 24, 2009
qatar_A300_A7-ABY_ZRH_02_06.jpgJul 24, 2009
tampa762f1008N770QTmia.jpgJul 24, 2009
raytheon390feb07lasN122DS.jpgJul 24, 2009
cathay7440208lax.jpgI present this photo to you without much touching up other than taking out the harsh orange lighting and making it a softer white. Photo is taken in typical marine layer conditions at nightJul 18, 2009
fedexmd10N362FEfll.jpgJul 18, 2009
ups7570204miaN467UPN469UP.jpgJul 18, 2009
achina742_b2462c_jfk_6_02.jpgWhen Air China Cargo 747s rotate early at U.S. airports, that is an immediate indication that the aircraft is bound for another U.S. airport. This 747 was more than likely headed to Chicago ORDJul 18, 2009
ana773laxfeb08ja777a.jpgANA 777-300 on final approach to rwy 24RJul 12, 2009
varigmd11PP-VPJlax1204.jpgTypically, aircraft landing on the north side of LAX use 24R, however, when there is no takeoff traffic on 24L (as seen with this Varig MD11), ATC will transition landing traffic to 24L to avoid having to land and hold short (LAHSO is the acronym used by the FAA) 24L plus save some taxi time & fuel consumptionJul 12, 2009
britannia752G-BYAScfu0802.jpgJul 12, 2009
klm744PH-BFR0209lax.jpgJul 08, 2009
emiratesa345A6-ERCjfk0604.jpgJul 08, 2009
airtrandc9_n837at_fll_1_03.jpgJul 08, 2009
UNITED747SFO209_N180UA_JOEPRIES.jpgJul 07, 2009
tam332PT-MVHmiajan05.jpgTAM A330 arrivng from Sao Paulo on rwy 30Jul 04, 2009
airjamaica3406Y-JMC1204.jpgJul 04, 2009
swissmd11HB-IWNzrh0802.jpgNote the Chinese letters on the tail. I forget if it's Taiwan or China that stipulates to foreign carriers that if they want to serve those nations, they must have atleast one airplane that reflect Asian emblems, such as KLM ASIA, SWISS ASIA... -I'm not fully up on all the facts but if you are please enlighten me in the comments section of this photoJul 04, 2009
southwest737-700lax0209.jpgSouthwest 737-700 climbs away from LAX's rwy 24R as the sun quickly fades to the WestJul 03, 2009
GOAIR_A320_VT-WAC_BOM_11_07.jpgEarly morning at the Jari Mari slumJul 03, 2009
4R_jfk_0703.jpgILS (instrument landing system) Runway 4R (not in service when photo was taken) is typically used in poor weather conditions at JFK, it is CATIII (precision instrument approach), which is the highest category for a runway and means that aircraft that are equipped with the proper equipment can land in zero/zero visibility. If you have any other information to add, please do so in the comment section of this photoJul 03, 2009
airalpsD328AMS0802.jpgJul 03, 2009
ual752lax0208.jpgUnited 757-200 powers out of rwy 25RJul 02, 2009
lufthansaregionalAvroRJ0206MUCZRH.jpgThis was my first flight on an Avro RJ, neat airplane. Routing was MUC-ZRHJul 02, 2009
unitedexpcrjN982SWlax1204.jpgAt first glance, the CRJ on the left looks like Independence Air, and it was, but at the time of this photo it was operating for United Express with that little fish toward the tail which I have never seen on an Independence Air a/c so wonder what that was about- anyone know?Jul 02, 2009
klm737800PHBXKams0802.jpgJul 02, 2009
allegiantmd80N869GAlas0207.jpgMandalay Bay sure does make a beautiful background for photos at LAS!Jul 01, 2009
delta763maintJFK0908.jpgDelta mechanic performing minor maintenance on this 767-300ERJul 01, 2009
saa_A340-200_JFK_0409JPAV.jpgLooking at this photo on your home or office computer, you'd never know the temperature is a bone chilling 8 degrees Farenheit at the time the photo was takenJun 28, 2009
martinaircargomd11PH-MCY1008mia.jpgJun 27, 2009
tigredwmd80_n682rw_fll_1_03.jpgThis former Northwest DC9-50 flies around the Detroit Tigers and Redwings sports teams to their games across the country and CanadaJun 27, 2009
independencecrj1204N645BRjfk.jpgJun 27, 2009
usairwaysa320N658AWlas1208.jpgJun 26, 2009
qantasVH-OQBa380lax0209.jpgQantas A380 arrives in the morning, then is towed to a remote area for the day until towed back to the gate at TBIT (Tom Bradley Int'l terminal) for the night flight back to Sydney Jun 26, 2009
lascolombia727_hk4354dec08uio.jpgPhotographed while standing on my hotel balcony- incredible. Too bad the airport is closing/relocating in 2010..Jun 25, 2009
cyprusa319oct08mia.jpgLots of work goes into prepping an airliner to transition from one carrier to another upon lease-end or sale. Seen here, crews work hard on this A319 that will be flying with Cyprus Airways, having previously flown with SpiritJun 25, 2009
airfranceA320nce1103.jpgJun 25, 2009
olympic737-400cfu0802SX-BKA.jpgWhere else in the world can you get up out of bed, pick up your camera, step out into the balcony, and get shots like this? Corfu, Ioannis Kapodistrias, Greece. Cost, 42 Euro a night!Jun 24, 2009
aircanadajazzcrj900feb09lax.jpgJun 24, 2009
nwadc9_n622nw2_ewr_10_02.jpgNWA DC9 just departed rwy 22RJun 24, 2009
airchina_742_b2448_jfk1103.jpgJun 24, 2009
northwest753N581NWlax1204.jpgNorthwest 753 over the 24R runway designation, about to complete its flight from MSPJun 23, 2009
lufthansacrjD-ACHK0304MUC.jpgD-ACHK & D-AISGJun 23, 2009
usair319N730US1003clt.jpgJun 23, 2009
alitaliamd80_idanp_bru_8_02.jpgJun 23, 2009
kal_744_jfkjan04HL7493.jpgJun 20, 2009
klm777ph-bqe0705.jpgSee if you can spot what looks out of the ordinary in this photoJun 20, 2009
travelspan757N751PA0603.jpgJun 20, 2009
caribsundash8N881CCjan04.jpgJun 19, 2009
aa752_n663am4_ewr_8_02.jpgJun 19, 2009
airindia_777-200LR_JFK_0409Mloaded.jpgAir India 777-200LR is being deiced before departure. Note Jetblue EMB190 taking off from rwy 4L. Typically, during snowy weather JFK is on the 4'sJun 18, 2009
nwa744deicejfk1204.jpgNorthwest 747-400 is deiced before its journey to Asia beginsJun 18, 2009
ual777N225UA1203.jpgUnited 777 just departed rwy 31L and is turning left as stipulated by the Canarsie Climb instruction from New York Departure (135.9)Jun 18, 2009
easyjet737700nceG-EZJUnce1103.jpgEasyjet is a huge player in NCEJun 18, 2009
united737N342UAfll0903.jpgJun 18, 2009
twan93119feb01.jpgI share this photo with a heavy heart. N93119 operated TWA flight 800, seen here on a cold February morning (registration not visible but a/c identification number 17119 seen above nosewheel door). This particular loss has always been the most painful for me, as I'm sure many of my friends at JFK and TWA would concur. May the victims of Flight 800 rest in peace...Jun 17, 2009
aloha732MAR01n819alOGG.jpgThis Kodachrome slide was so difficult to scan because it's so contrasty, I just could not get the colors and light right so I decided that it's better to share as a black and white than not to share at all. I cannot describe the beauty that one sees on the Island of Maui, it's just incredible and I would say the most beautiful place I've been to on Earth. Every so often if you stare at the water a whale tail would come up for a second or so, just incredible..

Kodachrome 64 slide
Jun 17, 2009
atidc8mar01n730pl.jpgNew York's Bravest finishing up putting out N730PL's onboard fire after aborted takeoff on rwy 4LJun 17, 2009
national757N506NA0899.jpgJun 17, 2009
emiratesA380firstclass0808.jpgFirst class seat 1K on Emirates A380 A6-EDA. Not sure if it gets much better..Jun 16, 2009
klmcityhopperf70PH-KZD802.jpgJun 16, 2009
airatl742_tfatd_jfk_5_02.jpgThis Air Atlanta 747-200 was flying for Nigeria Airlines for a short while out of Terminal 4Jun 16, 2009
corfuhotelaug02.jpgThere are only 2 places i'm aware of in the world that you can have this kind of view from your hotel room, Corfu (Royal Hotel) and Quito (Savoy Inn). Seen here is the view of my balcony facing rwy 35/17. The view is amazing but with no A/C in the room and noise from airplanes almost all night long it's definetely not for everyone! Note that the runway is actually much closer than it looks due to using wide angle lens for this photoJun 14, 2009
caribbean_737-800_JFK_0409joepriesavnet.jpgJun 14, 2009
airfrancea319ncenov03.jpgDefinetely not what pilots want to see on final approach, or at any phase of flight for that matter. This flock of birds crossed the runway and were flying away from the flight path of the AF A319 on final approach, otherwise I'm sure the pilot would have taken evasive action. NCE has a very, very irritating noice making machine on the field to make the birds go away. Note that the airport is right on the Mediterranean and does attract heavy bird activity so pilots are very cognizant of the issue when flying into and out of NCEJun 14, 2009
evergreen7471103n471ev.jpgEvergreen 747 just departed 31L and is performing the Canarsie climbJun 14, 2009
jfk_1204_overview.jpgView from JFK tower's break room of Terminal 4 concourse B where the daily Swiss ZRH/GVA flights are resting at gates 27 & 29. North American 767-300 is at gate 31, while Virgin 747-400 is at gate 28 and El Al 777-200 is at gate 26. Out on the hardstands are NWA 747-400, El Al 747-400 and Travelspan 757-200. Seen in the distance is the takeoff que for 31L departure. Jun 13, 2009
co735ewr1002N16618.jpgSeen in the background is the old Newark Tower which was demolished and is now CO ramp spaceJun 13, 2009
eurolotatr42NOV07FRAsp-edd.jpgJun 12, 2009
NORTHWEST_747-400_N674US_JFK_02_03joepriesavnet.jpgCity of ShanghaiJun 12, 2009
jetbluen550jbMAY06.jpgI did not have the shot set up, just stumbled upon the 5 A320's resting on the hardstand, all with different tailsJun 11, 2009
frontiercrj700dec04lax.jpgJun 11, 2009
elal4xecbJune04.jpgNot much light yet for this 530AM arrival from TLV Jun 11, 2009
iafherc0104.jpgJun 11, 2009
deutcheba733swissalpsNOV03.jpgAbsolutely incredible view of the Swiss Alps from my window seat on Deutche BA 737-300, routing Stuttgart STR - Nice NCEJun 11, 2009
ted_A320_N446UA_LAS_02_07D.jpgJun 06, 2009
virginam319N529VAjfk0209.jpgAirliner photography is not always in 80 degree sunny weather!Jun 06, 2009
learjet60dec06hou.jpgJun 06, 2009
usairn717uwclt1106.jpgUS Airways A319 on final approach to runway 36R while US Airways A330-300 is on finals for runway 36LJun 06, 2009
emassJFK22L.jpgAnother photo most people don't get to see and appreciate what is in the photo. This is EMAS (Engineered materials arrestor system) at the end of runway 22L (there is another one at the other end of 22L which is same runway 4R). EMAS is supposed to slow down and eventually stop an airplane that cannot stop under it's own power. EMAS has already saved 3 airplanes that I'm aware of at JFK; an American Eagle Saab340, a Polar Air 747F and I think it was a Gemini MD11FJun 06, 2009
olympic340aug03SX-OAD.jpgOlympic A340 seen over Rockaway Boulevard on final approach to runway 22LJun 06, 2009
dal763mar05.jpgPhoto taken from my backyard, hence the special airport code JBY. The 767 departed ATL, probably on its way to EuropeJun 05, 2009
pia743AP-BGG1203.jpgI believe this Rolls Royce powered 747-300 was originally with Cathay PacificJun 05, 2009
usair757N607AUfllJAN06.jpgJun 05, 2009
champion727N685CA1203jfk.jpgThere's definetely a reason that just about every movie's outdoor city night scene features wet streets. Unlike Hollywood though, this photo was taken with nature's water on the ground, not water from water-tank truck. Both Champion Air and Travelspan (the 757 in the background) are history..Jun 05, 2009
awaexpN908FJ1204lax.jpgJun 05, 2009
nwa319N362NBjan07iat.jpgEverything you see in this photo is completely normal. Airplane sat at the gate all night in frigid temperatures, here it is seen pushed back and starting engines causing the heat from the engine start to mix with the frigid cold and a dramatic temporary smoke show ensuesMay 31, 2009
swissavroHB-IXGzrhFEB06.jpgSome fog still visible in this photo, a short while before photo was taken the fog was much thicker.. May 31, 2009
airchina747400lax0209.jpgHaving just arrived, the 747 stops on taxiway between Terminals 1 & 2 and shuts engines as tug crew comes over to hook up and tow on to gate. Reason is because if the airplane performs the turn to gate on its own power, the adjoining gates' equipment and people can get blasted by the engines' turbulence as power is applied to make the turn. Tow-on-only gates are common at many big airports for this important safety reasonMay 31, 2009
usair319n704us0205.jpgMay 31, 2009
airindia_777-200LR_JFK_0409H~0.jpgVT-ALC is taxiied from gate to hardstand until it is brought back to gate later in the day to load pax for flight back to MumbaiMay 31, 2009
miajan03.jpgPhotographed from MIA's tower (320 feet high), you can see on the bottom of the photo the top of the old tower (200 feet high, it is no longer there), Cargo City (where the Fedex and other cargo a/c are) and Miami's downtown in the distanceMay 28, 2009
ba735_ggffj_bru_8_02.jpgMay 28, 2009
unitedexpemb170N636RWmia0108.jpgMay 25, 2009
SIMPLIFYDECCAN_A320_VT-DNZ_BOM_11_07Bsmall.jpgMay 25, 2009
CHILE-AIRFORCE_767-300_JFK_0908.jpgMay 25, 2009
lan_767-300_LAX_0208small.jpgMay 24, 2009
egypt76SU-GAOoct90.jpgEgyptair 763 seen holding on taxiway Lima Alpha as Avensa 737 is taxiing on Bravo enroute to 31L for departure, followed by Kalitta DC8. Sadly, Egyptair lost both their 767's (SU-GAO is seen here and SU-GAP was crashed into the ocean near Nantucket after departure out of JFK November 1999). SU-GAO arrived in Harare, Zimbabwe during a thunderstorm with heavy rain and high winds. Shortly before touchdown, the aircraft's right engine struck the runway, taking the engine off the wing and causing the plane to run off the runway. There were no fatalities but the airplane was a write-off. The interesting thing is that both airplanes were mechanically perfect when they were written off..May 21, 2009
french-GOVERNMENT_A319_JFK_0908small.jpgMay 21, 2009
ana_777_LAX_JA778A_0208D.jpgANA 777-300 goes long on 25L as it begins the journey to Tokyo. Seen out in the distance is Northwest 757-300 which just departed 24L on the way to Minneapolis MSPMay 21, 2009
swiss_A320_HB-IJN_ZRH_02_06.jpgMay 21, 2009
usair319N826AWlax0208.jpgFinal approach about 1/2 mile out of 24RMay 21, 2009
airbridge747VP-BIOfra1107.jpgAirbridge Cargo operating former NCA Cargo 747May 21, 2009
n53116dec94.jpgIt's hard to tell until you see the large photo. I watched this TWA 747 land 31R, turned left taxiway Victor and all of a sudden it tipped on its left side. At first I had to take another look because I could not believe what just happened! Apparently the left main gear collapsed. Better on taxiway off the runway than when making contact on landing that's for sure!May 21, 2009
tameemb170uiodec08.jpgPhotographed on Avenida Orellana, a few blocks from the airport, TAME Embraer 170 crosses over the I love Miami sign on final approach to UIO. Note on bottom left is my good friend Dave Hartman who I was in Quito with for a few fine days of photography and a lot of good cheap food and beer!May 20, 2009
arrowdc8N791AL0107.jpgArrow Air DC8, DC10 and two Gemini Air Cargo DC10's rest on the northeast side of MIA. All 4 airplanes are now history.May 20, 2009
canadairCL600N898EWfll.jpgMay 20, 2009
iberiaa343jul03ec-ghx.jpgAn unusual angle, you can see the registration on the nose wheel doors. No doubt this A340 needed a wash urgently!May 20, 2009
twa747n133tw0994.jpgI know 3 good guys, ex-TWA, who will appreciate this photo as much as I do, Marc Hookerman, Jon Proctor and Ed Price. Long live TWA!May 18, 2009
av762n986annov90jfk.jpgOne of my earliest rotation shots on Kodachrome film, AV767 rotates from runway 22R on the way to Bogota, Colombia. Unfortunately, Kodachrome slides are very, very hard to color correct, unlike today's digital technologyMay 17, 2009
nwa757las0207n538us.jpgNot sure what the landing traffic is on the North side of the field, if I had to guess I'd say a Skywest Brazilia or CRJ? -Hard to tell..May 16, 2009
onurairmd80ams0802TC-ONO.jpgMay 16, 2009
csaa3100703okyacJFK.jpgCSA A310 performs Canarsie climb having just departed from JFK's 31L:

Departure, Czech 51 with you out of 2000.
Czech 51 heavy New York departure, radar contact, climb 7000, heading 320.
Climbing to 7000 and 320 heading, Czech 51
May 16, 2009
aa752_n713tw_fll_1_03.jpgI would venture to say that only hard core airliner enthusiasts know that this is a TWA 757 in American Airlines colors. After American bought out TWA, the 757's were retained due to their ETOPS capability. Eventually the TWA 757s that went to American went on to serve with Delta which flies them with the addition of winglets. It's a bit hard to tell with the size of this photo but if you look at the A in American, just below it to the left is a TWA sticker. May 16, 2009
washiad0307.jpgFor this photo I was in a United 757-200 IAD-LGA (continuation of CLT-IAD)May 15, 2009
JETBLUE_A320_N509JB_FLL_01_03.jpgMay 15, 2009
song1204n694dl.jpgMay 15, 2009
continental7571204lax.jpgMay 15, 2009
n636mfsxm205B.jpgRegardless of what aircraft is landing, the folks on the beach always hope it's as low as possibleMay 13, 2009
virg744G-VBIG0704jfk.jpgG-VBIG has pushback tug hooked up in preparation for transition to hardstandMay 13, 2009
ba319_geupv_fra_8_02.jpgMay 13, 2009
SWISS_JFK_0409HBJHAjfk.jpgBrand new cockpit of HB-JHA, Swiss Airlines' first A330-300 resting at gate B27, Terminal 4 after its first flight to JFK from Zurich.May 11, 2009
airindia772lrvtalbjfk0209.jpgThis photo goes out to my friends from Mumbai, Vishal, Vivek and Karan. When they accompanied me at times for photos in Mumbai, it was 95 degrees, for this photo it was about 5 degrees with a bone chilling windchill that made it feel like 10 below!May 10, 2009
FINNAIR_A330-300_JFK_0409.jpgBrand new A330-300 for Finnair. For many years Finnair operated DC10's and MD11's to JFK, that is history now. Finnair also has A340-300's but they never make it to North America, they are used primarily to the Far East and IndiaMay 09, 2009
sq744f_9vsfj7_ams_8_02.jpgMay 09, 2009
nwa757300lax1204.jpgMay 08, 2009
martinair757ph-ahi0802cfu.jpgPhotographed from my hotel room at the Royal Hotel CorfuMay 08, 2009
swissmd11dec03jfk.jpgMay 08, 2009
americawest_A320_N662AW_EWR_09_05B.jpgMay 08, 2009
ek380a6eddjfk0409.jpgOne way to describe it: HUGEMay 07, 2009
lh340mar2004clt.jpgThis photo was taken on the first day of Lufthansa service to CLT. I was hired by the handling company to photograph the entire handling operation of this flightMay 06, 2009
CHINAAIRLINES_747-400_LAX_0208Djpnet.jpgBeautiful and striking Dreamliner scheme on this China Airlines 747-400.
Please remember, to see full information on photos when you see large photo click on the icon above it with the letter " i " in the circle
May 06, 2009
dal757gearmainnov05.jpgThis is what a brand new Boeing 757 main gear assembly looks like, an amazing piece of engineeringMay 02, 2009
varigmd11PPVTHdec04jfk.jpgMay 02, 2009
BMI_A320_G-MIDY_AMS_08_02.jpgMay 02, 2009
usagulfstreamjan04mia.jpgNice looking government hardwareApr 30, 2009
767-300_LAX_0208Crwy24R.jpgApr 30, 2009
AIRCANADA-JETZ_A320_C-GQCA_FLL_02_04.jpgAir Canada jetz typically transports Canadian sports teams to sporting events all over the U.S. and Canada. I typically do not shoot airplanes during high sun unless they are out of the ordinary (such as this airplane)Apr 30, 2009
uzbek763vp-bua0605.jpgUzbekistan 767 rests between flights at Terminal 4, gate B30 as rain storm passesApr 29, 2009
acjazzcrjlga106.jpgApr 29, 2009
finnair320_ohlxa_zrh_8_02.jpgApr 29, 2009
transavia757phtkcams0802.jpgApr 29, 2009
ana777ja708alax1204.jpgApr 28, 2009
alitaliaemb170ei-dfg1107.jpgApr 28, 2009
aaeagleemb135n724aelga1203.jpgApr 28, 2009
alaska_737-800_LAX_0209N792AS.jpgI go fishing for airplanes at airports, rarely do I catch a fish airplane!Apr 27, 2009
us762N256AYapril09.jpgThis 767-200 is on it's way to MCO (Orlando) as a continuation flight originating in CDG (Paris)Apr 27, 2009
airtran717N980ATapril09.jpgApr 27, 2009
usairways319N751UWapril09.jpgApr 27, 2009
usair319n733uwapril2009.jpgApr 27, 2009
vs346g-vmeg0104jfk.jpgApr 24, 2009
varig777pp-vrflax1204.jpgThe 777 as been sold to Varig, hence the PP-VRF registration, no titles and half-blacked out United symbol on the tail. The 777 just landed on runway 25L and is slowly taxiing on the highspeed before stopping for departing United 747-400 on runway 25RApr 24, 2009
ba319_geups_ams_8_02.jpgApr 24, 2009
co772_ewr_10_02.jpgApr 24, 2009
HOLDSHORTBAR-LIGHTS-RWY_LAX_0208B.jpgThis photo is part of an extensive collection of airport signage and navaids that i'll be sharing with you. The double solid double broken lines you see are runway hold short bars. Pilots taxiing know that when they approach these lines, they are about to enter a runway. If it is an active runway (meaning currently in use), the pilot had better get ATC clearance to enter that runway or risk runway incursion which unfortunately does happen numerous times every year at many airports. Seen here is runway 25R on the south side of LAX and Delta Connection EMB145 on takeoff rollApr 23, 2009
bahamasair_732_c6bgk2_fll.jpgApr 23, 2009
darwinsaab2000feb06zrh.jpgApr 23, 2009
727-200_SILHOUETTE_MIA_305.jpgApr 23, 2009
etihada3461007a6-eha.jpgApr 18, 2009
aerlingus330ei-crk-eiord0604jfk.jpgEI-CRK is being pushed back from concourse A gate 2 at terminal 4 while EI-ORD will push back from gate 4 several hours later. During summer months it's not unusual to see three Aer Lingus A330's on the ground at terminal 4 at the same time.Apr 16, 2009
aerosur737c-fnax0903mia.jpgI know that many of you who visit this web site are interested in learning, as I am, about an airplane's future and past. If you google C-FNAX, you'll see that the airplane was previously with Canada3000 Airlines (they went belly up several years ago) and at the time this photo was taken, the 737 was being prepped for Aerosur Bolivia (hence the green tail)Apr 16, 2009
usair320n658aw1208.jpgDear visitor, please note that every large photo has 3 icons on top of it, click on the letter "i" to show full information on that particular photoApr 15, 2009
deltaconnn807ca0107.jpgApr 15, 2009
t4dec03headhouseairtrain.jpgI know I say it often but who could argue that Terminal 4 at JFK is one of the most beautiful terminals on Earth!Apr 15, 2009
air2000757cfunight.jpgWhat an amazing place! Photo taken from my hotel room balcony. The pink house in the foreground, that house is rented out to aviation tourists from all over the world. My hotel has no air conditioning and on weekend nights especially, airplanes come in and out ALL NIGHT LONG. Patio door stays open due to heat, but then takeoff noise comes into the room and has no where to go so it goes through your head then outside again. No wonder it is only 40 Euro per night! Not sure if I'll take my wife there.. Apr 14, 2009
chinaemd11fdec03b-2174.jpgChina Eastern Cargo MD11F just departed runway 31LApr 14, 2009
cayman_732_vpcal_jan04.jpgApr 14, 2009
767-300_LAX_0208small.jpgLate evening Air New Zealand 763 arrival to runway 25LApr 14, 2009
martinairmd11ph-mcu1208.jpgShame that in 2010 this airport will be closed, a new airport much further from the city will take over operations. I have a feeling that the folks living near the current airport will not be too upset about this!Apr 12, 2009
aan785anmia0108.jpgAmerican 777 late evening departure from Miami to London LHRApr 12, 2009
southwest737pilotshou1006.jpgIf you know the FO and captain piloting this WN 737 , send them the URL to this photo pleaseApr 12, 2009
indepcrjn685brewrjul05.jpgA beautiful selection of aircraft with two of them a part of history; Independence CRJ-200, Hooters 737-300, Continental 777-200 and El Al 777-200Apr 11, 2009
elal744june2004.jpgKids Flight Summer 2004 special markingsApr 11, 2009
eurowingscrj0304d-acrf.jpgApr 11, 2009
airlitotalCRJnce1103.jpgUnfortunately for Air Littoral, on my last day of 5 day visit to NCE, they went belly upApr 09, 2009
argen340_lvzpk_jfk_7_02.jpgArgentina A340 under tow at terminal 4. The construction behind the airplane is on taxiway Hotel. It is not easy to distinguish an A340-200 from a -300, the -200 fuselage is a bit shorter than the -300Apr 09, 2009
alitalia777I-DISUmia0108.jpgLate afternoon Initial rotation rwy 27L on the way to Rome FiumicinoApr 08, 2009
swiss332hb-iqe1202jfk.jpgGood photo to look at on 100 degree summer daysApr 08, 2009
mexicana0704.jpgAlain Maca, president of JFK-IAT Terminal 4 JFK beams with pride as he hand flies the Mexicana A319, while the actual Mexicana A319 is parked just down the jetway, having just been bathed in a water canon salute welcoming Mexicana back to JFKApr 08, 2009
lufthansacargo742jfk0803.jpgInteresting closeup study of the 747's skinApr 08, 2009
ALASKA_737-700_LAX_0208upload.jpgApr 08, 2009
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