Welcome to Joepriesaviation.net. They say that when you do something with love, it shows. I absolutely love to photograph airplanes and I love to share my photos with people who also have an appreciation for airplanes and their operating environment. When I tell people that I spent close to a week in a Mumbai, India slum, smelling smells that most folks would run miles from, to photograph airplanes, then people understand that photographing airplanes is not something I take lightly. I began photographing back in 1986 when my family moved from Brooklyn to Long Island, New York (about 10-15 minute drive from JFK) and I have been photographing ever since (In 2003 I relocated my family to Charlotte, North Carolina). I am very fortunate to be in the real estate investment business, which allows me to make my own schedule so I can travel to various airports. I am especially lucky that I have a wife who understands and supports my photography. My kids are still trying to figure it out…

If you like what you see here, come back often and tell your friends and colleagues who love this stuff, because I’ll be adding photos frequently, unless I’m photographing somewhere for a few days. Each photo is set up with the ability for visitors to leave comments. If you have any information to add to any photo (or corrections to anything I wrote relating to that photo) or just a general comment, please share it with me and other viewers who would be interested.

Please note that photos dated before 2002 were shot on slide film which does not compare in quality to digital technology that I began using in 2002. Additionally, sometimes photos may not be absolutely perfect with respect to color or you may notice some other minor shortcoming. Due to the tremendous volume of photos I have to process to add to the web site, I cannot spend the kind of time necessary to produce perfection with every photo so a few minor shortcomings may be noticed but typically they do not detract from the overall photo.

You can contact me at: airlinephoto@yahoo.com.

If you’d like to read more about what I do, you can visit http://josephpries.com

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Joe Pries