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186 viewsAirline: LufthansaType: A380Registration: D-AIMEAirport: MIACity: MiamiState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: December 2014
185 viewsAirline: AustrianType: 767-300Registration: OE-LAWAirport: JFKCity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: April 2013
185 viewsAirline: LufthansaType: 747-400Registration: D-ABVRAirport: LAXCity: Los AngelesState: CaliforniaCountry: USADate Taken: February 2008
184 viewsAirline: Aer LingusType: A330-300Registration: EI-ORDAirport: JFKCity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: January 2011As you can see, Aer Lingus really made an effort to depart JFK on this snowy night, but the snow was coming down too fast and it had to return to the terminal as the FAA/airport ops shut the airport down until the following morning
184 viewsAirline: Airbus IndustriesType: A380-800Registration: F-WWJBAirport: JFKCity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: March 2007If you want to see how the A380 looked from the outside while I was photographing it inside, take a look at the overhead monitor
184 viewsAirline: AmericanType: MD80Registration: N/AAirport: LGACity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: December 2002
184 viewsAirline: JetblueType: A320Registration: N569JBAirport: LAXCity: Los AngelesState: CaliforniaCountry: USADate Taken: February 2010This Jetblue A320, featuring a 10th anniversary livery has special meaning to me. I flew with Jetblue on February 11, 2000, before the airline began operations. On the flights from JFK-BUF, BUF-JFK, JFK-FLL, FLL-JFK were Jetblue's founder and CEO at the time, David Neeleman, David Barger (the current CEO), in addition to other lucky folks who got to fly on Jetblue that day before the company began operations that evening (JFK-FLL). The lights you see in the sky are a departing airplane on runway 25R
183 viewsAirline: Air FranceType: A320Registration: F-HEPFAirport: MIACity: MiamiState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: October 2014
183 viewsAirline: China SouthernType: 777-200Registration: B-2057Airport: LAXCity: Los AngelesState: CaliforaniaCountry: USADate Taken: February 2009
183 viewsAirline: DeltaType: 717Registration: N935ATAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: October 2013I am pleased to share with you this once in a lifetime photo showcasing Delta's entire McDonnell Douglas narrow-body fleet, which includes: 717 (MD95), DC9-50, MD88, MD90. A tremendous amount of logistics and manpower went into making this photo a reality, in addition to the fact that the minute the photo shoot ended, 3 of the 4 airplanes were immediately towed to the terminal for their next flight assignments. I was honored to be invited to photograph this event, thank you Delta Air Lines!
183 viewsAirline: Air FranceType: ConcordeRegistration: F-BVFBAirport: JFKCity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: May 1999This may seem like just another window shot but it's not. That window, while hard to tell from the photo is a tiny window in F-BVFB, Air France Concorde. With my friend Joe Wolf who worked for Northwest at the time, I flew F-BVFB from JFK to Detroit (yes, I said Detroit). What's really special about this particular shot however as our ATC and PA friends at JFK will tell you, a 4L Concorde departure is extremely rare. Typically the Concorde departures would utilize 31L/13R or 22R, primarily for noise abatement.

Kodachrome 64 slide
183 viewsAirline: KLMType: 747-400Registration: PH-BFNAirport: JFKCity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: December 2004Photographed from behind the glass on the 7th floor of JFK tower where it was a balmy 78 degrees, unlike outside where it was about 20 degrees!
182 viewsAirline: AerogalType: 737-200Registration: HC-CFGAirport: UIOCity: QuitoState: -Country: EcuadorDate Taken: December 2009
182 viewsAirline: DeltaType: 717Registration: N608ATAirport: LASCity: Las VegasState: NevadaCountry: USADate Taken: November 2015
181 viewsAirline: Alaska AirlinesType: 737-400Registration: N780ASAirport: LAXCity: Los AngelesState: CaliforniaCountry: USADate Taken: February 2008On takeoff roll rwy 24L, what the co-pilot is doing is typical for evening LAX departures, the sun is right in your face. Note the heads up display in front of the captain
181 viewsAirline: ATAType: 737-800Registration: N301TZAirport: MDWCity: ChicagoState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: June 2002
181 viewsAirline: QantasType: 707Registration: N707JTAirport: LAXCity: Los AngelesState: CaliforniaCountry: USADate Taken: November 2011I made this photo black and white, other than the airplane. The last time I had a face-to-face with this stunning airplane was in JFK, August 2002 at 3AM on a rainy night. I'm very fortunate to be able to see this beauty in some beautiful conditions again, with the moon fully lit and some nice clouds over the L.A. area. The airplane is owned by John Travolta. I know you will see this pic Mr. Travolta. Thank you sir for continuing to fly this beauty around!
180 viewsAirline: N/AType: 727-100Registration: 34612Airport: MXECity: LaurinburgState: North CarolinaCountry: USADate Taken: September 2005While I visit numerous major airports, I don't visit many remote, off the beaten path airports. This obscure 727-100 has been rotting for years in this airfield located in Laurinburg North Carolina, about 2 hours from Charlotte, where some airliners come for scrapping. If you have any info on this airplane please share in the comments section
180 viewsAirline: British AirwaysType: 747-400Registration: G-CIVCAirport: LAXCity: Los AngelesState: CaliforniaCountry: USADate Taken: February 200812mm rotation shot on runway 25R. The sand is there because at the time the center taxiway (between 25L and 25R) was under construction, that entire area is all concrete now
180 viewsAirline: Virgin AtlanticType: A340-600Registration: G-VBUGAirport: LAXCity: Los AngelesState: CaliforniaCountry: USADate Taken: November 2015
179 viewsAirline: Arik AirType: A340-500Registration: CS-TFWAirport: JFKCity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: April 2010
179 viewsAirline: Conoco PhilipsType: 737-700BBJRegistration: N660CPAirport: ANCCity: AnchorageState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: August 2013Conoco Philips has a significant presence in Anchorage, as do other big oil/gas firms
179 viewsAirline: DeltaType: A330-300Registration: N817NWAirport: JFKCity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: May 2013
179 viewsAirline: NorthwestType: 747-400Registration: N672USAirport: JFKCity: QueensState: New YorkCountry: USADate Taken: December 2002"City Of Asia" Photographed from the tip of the Cross Bay Boulevard bridge at the Southwest edge of JFK, most heavy 31L departures make this beautiful bank as they proceed with the "Canarsie climb"
179 viewsAirline: SASType: A330-300Registration: LN-RKHAirport: EWRCity: NewarkState: New JerseyCountry: USADate Taken: December 2003Note the now gone old tower
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